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Again a masterpiece here :3 I can see in all work is about Ashly's fairy power,what is amazing! The outfit is very interesting,because ...

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Hey,I'm Alexa and here I show my dreams! Why ''dreams''? Because I represent them in my characters and projects! Hope you like them ;3 I'm a Romanian girl,and still learning English,so excuse me for mistakes,sometimes English is hard to understand :'(
:heart:My love dear love, :iconadventuremaker16: :heart:
:heart: :iconjasmin-lunio: , :iconarinichift: I will never forget you from my heart :cries: :heart:
:heart:True friends on dA(I really think this,I love you ,you're my family guys :3 ) :
:iconchasmandala: :iconcharismaclock: :iconmoonstonemelody: :iconmajicjane: :iconnicool3: :iconlb-enzo: :iconlordessskadi: :iconmikkauzumaki: :icongypsybling17: :iconjasmin-lunio: :iconmagicalwodyix: :iconstardere: :iconfergievfc1221: :icongerganafen: :iconangel-voice07: :iconbakagummi: :iconstrongball: :iconbonniebun4: :iconloreamstudios: :iconxxkahartsxx: :iconlulu1399: :iconmagicalbloomthefairy: :iconheartstorm4ever: :icondunkle-katze: :iconqueenofnightwish: :iconguardianofarcade: :iconnishimurashoko: :icongreendaybutterfly: :iconstarlight-starfish: :icontheepicviking: :iconmissvampyzdesigns: :iconbibinatinelly:
:heart:My big sisters, :iconmajicjane: , :iconshiny-gold: :heart:
:heart:My twin sisters, :iconmagicalbloomthefairy: :iconlulu1399: :heart:
:heart:My bro, :iconstrongball: :heart:
Is simple to talk with me guys! Don't be shy with me, if I don't reply immediately I still reading it, and reply later :heart:
:bulletpurple: My main fairy club is :iconmysterix-club: :bulletpurple:
:bulletyellow: My main fairy is Joe Aaron,Fairy of Indian Ancestors , my shy kitty :heart: :bulletyellow:
:heart: I love my ALL 52 OCs, and they are all mine for me! I can't have a ''minor'' OC :meow: :heart:

Here's some ships what I adore in WinX (70% are crack canon :XD:)

Bloom Fan Stamp by kaorinyaplz :heart: R: Icy Stamp by kaorinyaplz

R: Icy Stamp by kaorinyaplz :heart: Tritannus Stamp2 by kaorinyaplz

Darcy Stamp by kaorinyaplz :heart: R: Stella Stamp by kaorinyaplz

Musa Stamp by kaorinyaplz :heart: R: Tecna Stamp by kaorinyaplz

R: Flora Stamp by kaorinyaplz :heart: Helia Stamp by kaorinyaplz

Roxy Stamp by kaorinyaplz :heart: Duman Stamp by kaorinyaplz



Painite's Court: Black Rutile's Application
Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! Heya guys!Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! 

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! I finally done my application for :iconpainitescourt: ! Ahh guys you don't know how much I LOVE this!!! 
Is wrong to have a crush to your own character? ;w; I'm totally fucked up X'D  !  SOOO I present you Black Rutile!!! She's so elegant and buff ;w; I tried this time a pose from my head. Well hope you like it how much I do as well :la: Read the information kids ;w;Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! 

Name: Black Rutile

Nickname(s): Rutile , Lady Black , Lady Death 

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them

Fraction: Court Council 

Rank: Lady Advisor 

Height: As cannon Jasper

Gem location: Neck 

Weapon: Double Seam : An Death look Seam, with 2 ends. Can crack a gem and defend herself simply. Black Rutile put pieces of old enemies as decor~ 

Special abilities: 
-Mind Reading
-Super Speed

- Black Rutile is very loyal to persons who think it deserve. 
- Rutile respects every species of gems (Sapphires to Pearls).
- She is very protective .

- Black Rutile can get easily anger , but calms down when realize in what situation she is.
- Rutile never forget - do something horrible to her emperor and known gems? You'll be dead soon.
- She can be very Manipulative in stress situation.

- Black Rutile was the General of Pink Diamond
- Rutile is a perfectionist : love organize everything to can everyone be pleased 
- She may look sometimes scary without knowing 
- She have an great team spirit
- She appreciate the work of someone 
- She LOVES a lot parties (from elegant to very wild)
- Sometimes pushes herself too much to her Emperor 
- She loves to wear exclusive dresses&clothes and dress up someone

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! Application made by LVPinkRae 

Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! :iconpainitescourt: PainitesCourt  :iconpainitescourt:Rose (Black) Bullet - F2U! 

[FCD]|MC|season 7|Madelinne ButterfliX/FluturiX|
Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Heya guys!Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Here's the next fairy step of my Madelinne: Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U ''This is me, ButterfliX~''Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U  ! Oh dear God,I swear I hate so much to draw it. SO MUCH ! IS FREAKING HARD ! EVEN DREAMIX IS EASIER ! UGHHH this season 7 transformations are hard AF . Well, hope you like my colorful Madelinne through :love:Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

Dark blue bullet ''Madelinne!Magic MysteriX,ButterfliX!''Dark blue bullet 
'' FluturiX,FluturiiiX!
Puterea vine din natura spre mine,
O face,FluturiX!
O raza de lumina,spiritul meu e liber!
Oh oh oh oh oh!
Ma voi ridica pana la cer!
Asta sunt eu,FluturiX!
Aripi am,sunt gata sa zbor!
Oh oh oh oh!
Ma simt minunat,puternica!
Oh oh oh oh
Ooh oh ooh!
Magia ma cuprinde,inima imi atinge!
Oooh oh oh!
Dark blue bullet  Romanian ButterfliX/FluturiX song lyrics

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Attacks/SpellsGlittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 
• Spell name: Stellar formations (attack)
• Spell name: Colorful Stardust (shield)
• Spell name: Eye colors (special attack)
• Spell name: Primary constellations (special ButterfliX spell)

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U CREDIT TIMEGlittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

Dark blue bullet Madelinne ; OC,desig,art by WhisperingIllusion 

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U  DON'T COPY!MADELINNE IS MINE AND ONLY ME WhisperingIllusion AND HER MAIN GROUP MysteriX-Club CAN USE THIS! Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

Dark blue bullet Previous: Madelinne MythiX
Dark blue bullet Next: Madelinne TyniX
[RQ]|SU|Fusion|Mystic Topaz|
little star Hey guyssslittle star 

little star Here's the second fusion request for ANannyMouse3 ! Mystic Topaz, combination between Rhodonite aka Rho and my Olive Peridot aka Olivia ! I through this kind of gem is an good color option between a olive/green gem & pink one -w- I'm really glad of the result~What ya think?little star 

little star Thanks to SenshiStock for pose

little star DON'T COPY!MYSTIC TOPAZ BELONGS ONLY TO ME WhisperingIllusion & ANannyMouse3 !little star 

Journal History


I decided to open my AT :D Why? BECAUSE I'M IN VACATION :dummy: so I through to do something for my use~Here's some things I want to tell:


I'm NOT obligated to accept your AT if I don't like
I have the right to choose my partner in AT 
I can do my AT part when I want, not when YOU want
Don't rush me
I can do in which order I want the AT
I don't draw fetish art or nude
I accept both traditional and digital art
If I consider the task is too hard,I want double art (example: you want a screenshot, I ask you to do , for examples, 2 casuals / MT/EnchantiX etc)
We can do how much AT you want, as you do your part as well, of course


Designs outfits (casuals, transformations) 
New characters 
Fan Transformations 


Designs for TyniX MythiX ButterfliX
Wings digitally
Fan transformation: FeeliX , TeariX

That's all~ Please guys be quick :dummy: 


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